Medical Aesthetic Parties

Do you have a group of friends or family that would like to benefit from discounted pricing on neurotoxins and dermal fillers at a medical aesthetic party? 

Host a private event at the Aesthetic Beauty Lounge for a group of 6 or more guests with private consultation and treatments by the nurse practitioner during a pre-arranged window of time. 

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Everyone who receives treatment on your scheduled party date will receive discounted neurotoxin and dermal filler rates. Pricing details will be shared with the host at the time of scheduling the party (cost is typically $10/unit if 6 or more guests confirm and each receive a minimum of 30 units). 

Botox and Jeuveau are the preferred neurotoxin products used at medical aesthetic parties but other products are available upon request and with advanced notice (dosing and cost may differ). 

Dermal fillers will be discounted 10% off the normal pricing (available on the website under pricing). Please note that dermal filler treatment costs differ based on treatment area, amount needed and filler type. 

Here is how a


medical aesthetic party 

Confirm 6 or more guests (not counting the hostess) are able to attend with a minimum purchase of $300 each (approximately 30 units of tox). 

Arrange your party details by contacting the Aesthetic Beauty Lounge. Upon scheduling a medical aesthetic party you will receive an appointment booking link to share with your guests electronically. 

Send your digital invite and booking link to your guests to schedule their appointment time on your event date. Guests will be prompted to pay a non-refundable deposit which will be applied toward their total treatment cost on the day of the party. 

Have guests arrive during their scheduled treatment time on your party date. Each guest will receive a personal consultation with doctorally prepared and aesthetic certified nurse practitioner Lindsay Munden and an individualized treatment plan. 

Guests will be required to complete a medical history questionnaire prior to treatment and sign a consent form following informed consent about the procedure. 

*Participants must be 21 years of age or older. 
*Breastfeeding and pregnancy are contraindications for treatment. 

If patients have a pre-existing medical condition such as an autoimmune disease they should provide medical clearance from their primary physician prior to any treatments. 

Guests can leave when their treatment has concluded or come a little early/stay a little after their appointment to socialize and enjoy some good company. 

All party guests (if a member of a rewards program such as Alle or Evolus) may earn and redeem rewards at medical aesthetic parties. 

The party host receives perks in the form of a credit toward their treatment!

Follow up appointments and dose adjustments following a medical aesthetic party are not typically considered until 2 weeks after treatment, however if you do have questions or concerns please contact the nurse practitioner by phone. Any necessary follow up appointments, dose adjustments, or additional treatment requests will be conducted at the nurse practitioner’s primary clinic locations. *Follow up appointments/dose adjustments will incur an additional per unit fee. 

If a guest must cancel an appointment, the deposit amount can be applied toward a future treatment with the nurse practitioner at one of her primary clinic locations within 3 months from the planned aesthetic party date.